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Some weeks ago Ron of Norway asked you to send him questions you always wanted to ask the denim demons. Here are the answers!

1. Ron of Norway TJ Leichlingen: Does Tom & Knut have any contact with Steve Baise from "The Devil Dogs"?

Happy Tom: Occasionally via mail. We tried to hook up with him in Virginia, but it didn't work out.

2. Have TN been asked to take part on the upcoming Devil Dogs tribute album?

Tom: No, we havn't heard about it. Sounds like a good idea, though.

3. Jolly Goodhead TJ Oulu: Have Raldo Useless from Gluecifer ever played in TRBNGR?

Tom: Yes, but he quit because he got offered a job in a 60's garage rock band. That was the big trend in Oslo at the time, before rocknroll became the Right Thing.

4. Iīve read that Happy Tom collects alcohol in his body, so how many different types of alcohol does he have now?

Tom: Only beer, actually. And cleaning alcohol on my foreskin.

5. RockīnīRoll Stalin TJ Leichlingen: Are the Dictators receiving any roylties for the Negersī perky Dictators rip-off "Get it on" (a.k.a. "Next big thing")?

Tom: Off course not, but they love it! Both Shernoff and Manitoba said hello in NYC the last time we played there. Actually there's some Ramones in that one too.

6. Back in the wild nineties the turbonegro played "Weīre a norwegian Band" (Great Funk Railroad a bit alienated) as their show intro. Might I suggest they try "Iīm a boy from nowhere" (should be pronounced as Nooooorway of course) by the mighty DMZ instead of the current intro theme?

Tom: Haha, great idea! That DMZ tune is very nice, yes!

7.Placebo: Ask Pal how it was pickin apples in New Zealand?

Tom: Pal is color blind, and that was a problem when it came to picking apples. Which one is red and which one is green?

8. Admiral Birdman TJ West-England: Could you ask Hank, what other records, other than TRBNGR, does he listen to to get him in the mood for singing at gigs?

Tom: Hank listens to a lot of Bowie and Black Metal.

9. Also, ask him to organise a 2-3 date tour of the UK co-headlining with The Darkness (UK band). The Darkness have a similar sense of
fun and conviction to Turbonegro (on record at least) and both bands have a love of high costume drama. They sound like AC/DC and Aerosmith (before they turned grey) with Freddie Mercury on vocals.

Tom: The Darkness are big fans of ours, and are actually talking about us doing some shows together.

10. The Strange Stain: Washington: In some articles I read, Hank often makes small references to movies...he seems to be something of a movie buff. Could you please ask Hank if he could name off the top of his head a few of his favorite movies? I am just curios about what movies he likes because I also love movies. Iīd like to peep into Hankīs movie mind...(and if any other band members wants to say their favorite movies also, that is cool too:)

Tom: My favorite film is "1900" by Bernardo Bertolucci, starring G. Depardieu, D. Sutherland and R. DeNiro.
Hank: Yes I am a great lover of movies. I love the spectacular stuff, with many FX'es and huge scenes. I also love the more twisted stuff, like small low budget movies. It's impossible for me to just name a few movies, cause there are so many, but I'll try. I prefer to name some great directors: Stanly Kubric, Peter Greenaway, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola, George A Romero, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Luc Besson.... and many many more. In Germany there are also som great movies that I really love. Das Boot is the best war movie ever made. And also there is a sordid underground director that I truly like: Jurg Buttgereit made a flic called NEKROmantik, and it is a totally great horror movie.Well I have mentioned a few names here. I could've gone on on and on again about this, but I would then be sitting for days.

11. To the band: Does anyone remember who exactly is doing the back-up vocals on "Screwed and tattooed"? They sound phenomenal, and I just love that song (me to R.o.N.)! My guess is that itīs Pal, but maybe itīs also Tom...this is kinda insignificant, but I just need to know!

Tom: It's Pal. He sounds like Grant Hart from Husker Du!

12. Chunch: How did you find "Bobby Zodiac" who sang for the Oslo Motherfuckers? This guy is great, he has a very unique voice. What else has he done, and how can someone get a hold of it? He has insane energy!! If heīs not doing anything musical right now he really should. Heīs great.

Tom: Bobby is half-norwegian half-moroccan, and grew up with Satyr of Satyricon and the guys in the famous norwegian band D.D.E. in Namsos. He has been an conceptual artist, but has not done any other music. He is currently going to school in London.

13. Hank Christian TJ Kongsberg: I just want you to ask when Hank is born. This is a great day for all Jugends worldwide.(Yes, but I asked Hank this question in Hamburg, but he didīnt want to tell. He told me why, and that is a thing to respect. But we could maybe ask Tom instead.?...R.o.N.)

Tom: My birthday is July 27, same as Paul Cook and Mick Jagger.

14. Admiral Dick Sister TJ Wisconsin: Me and the First Lady met the Turbonegroes in New Orleans in March and we had a fuckin blast partying and talking with them. We always make a point of getting to know all of our favorite rock stars. We have had some really great experiences and some really foul experiences. As a rule I feel that the better a band is the nicer the people are. I would like to ask those handsome devils when they were on the way up what great and not so great experiences did they have with rock personalities? Also I want to know if they all still have the Silver Dollars I gave to them for good luck?

Tom: Recently we have been able to meet all our old heroes, and that has been great, everyone from Keith Morris to Metallica. I met Husker Du in 1985, and they were very nice. However they were just trying to pick me up, maybe. My big mentor in life has been Pig Champion of Poison Idea, who I have known since I was a kid. He is one of the true lost intellectuals of rocknroll.

15. Ron of Norway:Have any TN-records ever been released in Japan? Have you ever heard about fans or Turbojugends over there? (hehehe, just happend in the last week, P.Orno)

Tom: I think Turonegro and Turbojugend is the ONLY western pop cultural thing the Japanese just can't figure out, they just don't get it. Or that's what we THOUGHT... Ruyter from Nashville Pussy told us they played T"he Age Of Pamparius" there and the entire hall knew every word. Plus Doctor Lucassen of the Turbo Archives told us recently that he has been starting to get some mail from Japan, that is very cool. Yes, "Scandinavian Leather" has been released in Japan.

16. Denim-Kebab: Could you ask Hank how his christianlife is?? Friends of mine have rehersals next to TRBNGR and know them, and they say that Hank really is a christian...saved when he was on rehab.
Hank: I did not find Jesus during a cold turkey period. I have always been a beliving Christian. I am not speaking in tounges or walking around with a silly smile talikin about Jesus all the time. I am what could be called a Gnostisist Chatolic. I find that many of the mystisist rituals practised by esoteric societies appeals to me. I feel that much of the power I have to play shows and communicate with the crowd, is given to me by the great maker - God. I feel that we all live in a Christian part of the world, and that we not always realise this and take proper consequense of it. The diversity in the western wolrd, giving every singel one of the inhabitants the freedom to belive what they want, is weakening us as a people. We should all look to other parts of the world and see how the unity in religion strenghtens these peoples. Were we westerners that unified in christendom, we would be much stronger and able to resist attacs like WTO and the heroin attac on western youth. On the other hand, I am a bit reluctant in stating my believes to my TJ members. I do not think that my views should be TJ's views. It is important that TJ stays open fore everyone, regardless of their religion or political view. So please: Keep your opinions about these questions off the TJ web pages. It is not the proper fora. God bless you all and may you prosper wherever you go.